Who is Dr. Connect?

Dr. Connect makes your document- and data related business processes healthy and efficient.

what is Dr. Connect?

Every organization recognizes the great deal of distribution of paper- and electronic documents. Dr-Connect makes it as easy as possible for your organization to rapidly convert these documents and forms into formats delivered direct into your business application, or document management system (DMS).

Our solutions leverages the investment in existing office equipment such as Multifunctional scanning and printing devices (MFD’s) which have a built-in scanning capability. Our connectors turn the MFD into an intuitive document capture portal for all your ad-hoc documents. The user walks up, identifies themselves and can then either one-touch scan for indexing and filing at their desktop or directly scan, profile and route the document from the device with instant database look-ups into your back-end system(s).

current connectors:

Afas logo
AFAS Connector
YouForce Connector
Visma Connector
Accountview Connector
Unit4 Connector
Microsoft Dynamics
Navision Connector
Plan4Flex Connector
ONS Nedap Connector
net doc
Netdocuments Connector
Daywize Connector
Winbooks Connector
Eduarte Connector
PlanCare Connector
Exact Online
Exact (Online) Connector
M-Files Connector
oSIRIS (1)
Osiris Connector

Why Dr. Connect?

Why Dr. Connect?

Who is dr. Connect for?

For SMB to Enterprise, from Foundation to Governement. Dr. Connect is for everyone that wants to share and store relevant information in a secure and efficient way.




New connector

If your wished for connector is not (yet) on the list, please inform us.

If you are a device manufacturer, solutions integrator, application vendor, channel reseller or simply an end user we can develop new connectors to your requirement, often even when you are using a custom back-end system.

If you don’t ask, you don’t know.